Friday, January 6, 2012

Wedding cake tips

By doing things wrong I have learned some valuable lessons I don't want to forget.
-I use crisco and flour to prepare my pans so the cakes won't stick. What is also helpful is to line the bottom of the pan with wax paper. This has saved many cakes for me.
-Freezing the cakes before filling and crumb coating is actually important. When the cakes are at room temperature they tend to slid around and not stay put. I covered them in two layers of plastic wrap to keep them moist.
-Cutting the cakes is easier after they have been chilled.
-The frosting used to make the dam needs to be very thick frosting, thicker then what I would use to frost the outside of the cake. If it is not thick enough it will spill out and show even after I have put my fondant on.
-Wait at least 12 hours after filling to put on the fondant. This gives it time to settle.
-Putting them then in the fridge in preparation for the fondant is also very helpful.
-After I had my fondant all rolled out I pulled the cakes out of the fridge and gave them a nice small mist of water using my spray bottle. This helped the fondant to stick to the hardened butter cream.
-Next time I need to make flowers make them more then a month in advance so that I am not overwhelmed. Also try to mix gum paste with a small amount of fondant. This way they might not be so hard. The flowers could have been used as ninja weapons.
-To attach the flowers and pearls I used a small paintbrush to apply the edible glue. Why I have not done that before is the beyond me. So much easier then what I have down in the past.

Remember that doing wedding cakes is more time consuming then I think and charge accordingly. Also remember to say no if I am not excited about the design. I was excited to try the flowers on this last cake since I had never done that before.

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