Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sundaes on Sunday

My wonderful cousin gave me the idea of rewarding the kids with sundaes on Sunday. If they act well during church they can earn up to 6 items for their sundae. That includes scoops of ice cream. So far I think this has helped. Except this Sunday when Joshua was giving me a hard time I let him know that he was not going to be getting any ice cream when we got home. He said, "That's OK, I don't like ice cream." But in the car on the way home he asked how many things he earned and I had to tell him none. He screamed for a LONG time. Boy I hope he remembers this next Sunday and it doesn't back fire on me.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

First real family photo session

I think I spent the whole day laying out clothes, finding shoes, bathing kids, doing hair, making sure our clothes didn't clash. I am so excited to see what Anjuli does with us and how our pictures will turn out. Yeah!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Girls

Both Sarah and EmmaLee were student of the month today. How great is that. I love the way their school does it. After they receive the award in front of the whole school they then go back to their classroom where their teacher reads a certificate she has written about about why they received this award. They said such nice things about my girls. I was so proud!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My sweet little baby

Jacob has been rather grumpy lately so I figured he must have an ear infection. He seems to only be grumpy when those hit him. Was I sure surprised when the Dr. looked at me to let me know he has bronchitis. I felt so sad for him. No wonder he has been so grumpy. She told me that it his breathing was very labored.
Thursdays are always our drive around all afternoon taking kids from one thing to the next. I think being sick made the car ride even harder. After Jacobs screaming seemed to never end I pulled out all the stops. I gave him a huge Disneyland sucker and let him suck away. He was happy the rest of the ride. Oh the things we do to keep ourselves sane.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book Club makes me happy!

It is the worst to finish a good book and have no one to talk about it with. My poor husband has had to listen to make explain all about my latest reads for several years. He is a good sport. But having someone fall in love with the characters right along with you or be frustrated with their stupid actions is priceless. This is why I love these ladies and why I love book club!
When we meet tonight we all brought along books we have read and loved then we lent out and borrowed. We all are big readers and 1 book a month is just not enough. I came away with a huge stack and I am so excited to plow right through them. Plus we sit, talk, eat, and enjoy being out of the house for a couple hours talking to other adults. You ladies are the best!!!
We read The Help and we all loved it!!! I couldn't hep but try to make this picture look a little older since the book took place in the 60's.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look at those eyes. I love this kid.

This kid is such a character. He has said the funniest things lately. Tonight I made a pizza for Ryan and Jared cause they had to leave to a bball game before dinner was ready. Josh of course wanted some.
He said to Ryan "I'm gonna throw up if you don't get me some of that."
Ryan, "Ok go get a bowl then."
Josh,"For what?"
Ryan, "To throw up in"
Josh, "I'm not gonna throw up silly"

Yesterday I told Josh I want to take a nap. Here is our conversation
Me- I need a nap
Josh- Well go take one then. I'll watch the baby
Me, I just laughed
Josh- No serious I'm old enough
Me- I don't think so bud
Josh- (he starts to cry) But really mom I can

Monday, January 25, 2010

Elder Brady

My nephew is serving a mission in SD right now. We admire him and appreciate his devotion to the Lord and his willingness to serve. We received an amazing letter from him the other day. So for Family Home Evening we wrote letters to him. The kids drew some wonderful pictures and had nice things to say. We also laughed about silly things and made goofy faces of each other. I feel so blessed to spend my time here on earth with such a great family. Seriously, I sit and wonder why I am so blessed. I see so many people struggle or have hardships and I am humbled by what God has given to me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why a picture of me?

Because today I felt a little bit like super mom. I did it! Church and mostly the whole day husband-less. I got them all ready with time to prepare my talk that I waited till last minute to prepare. It was only 5 minutes and that is so short. If I would have prepared more I would have been bummed I didn't get to share it all. For about 15 minutes I was stressed and wondered how in the world I was going to be able to handle it but amazingly- I did it. As soon as I typed that I realized that I really didn't do anything. When I began to feel so overwhelmed by a active 3 year old who had a very real want to sit with his dad on the stand and a baby who thought he needed to crawl on the ground or be any where but in my arms I said a very short but deep prayer. I asked my Father to help me know what to do. Then I asked Him to help my children that they would be calmed so that I may go up on the stand and not have to worry about them. It was almost immediately. I don't remember what I said to Joshua that helped him calm down, but he did. I handed Jacob to Jared and he sat still. It was my little miracle.
I am a strong believer that miracles happen daily and often we fail to see or recognize them as such. But today I was blessed to be super mom. The kids sat really well for most of the meeting. We then had a pot luck after church. Ryan had to help set up and organize things and I managed the kids just fine. Since Ryan had to stay to help clean up the kids and I walked home. (I love that we live that close) We enjoyed a nice mellow evening until Ryan got home. It was such a good day. I am surprised and humbled by the success.
I write all this down not to boost but to help myself remember that when I trust in the Lord things can be made light. Some days are hard and it helps to remember these good days.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do we buy toys?

Today we took it pretty easy (minus the three b-ball games) After my 7 mile run I just enjoyed hanging out with the kids. I grabbed two bags of little carrots and sat down on the couch. Along came little Jacob and stole my bags. He played with them for the next hour. He would crawl with them in his hand. He would throw them then got catch them, He would scream if anyone tried to touch them or take them away. The other kids built a fort out of boxes and played in that for hours! Who knew?

Friday, January 22, 2010


The whole reason Jared wanted a be bee gun in the first place was because of our wonderful friends the Hills. I look up to this women. She has 5 children and is such a good mom. She lets her boys be boys and Jared loves to play at there house!!! On Tuesday Jared hurt his wrist playing b-ball. It was a bad sprain but he thought he might have broken it. Wednesday he was supposed to go over to there house and play but instead we went to the insta care to make sure it wasn't broken. Boy was he mad at me for that one.
He called them today and then went over to play warriors. He had so much fun and the first thing he said to me when he got in the car when I picked him up was, "Sorry I got mad at you the other day for not letting me come over. That was the best" He was so proud of his battle wounds- I guess air soft pellets do hurt but not to bad.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I only wish some one would have told me sooner.

I went to a Dr. Mom class today. She taught us a little bit about how to use natural oils for all different kinds of ailments to help our children be healthy. When the class was over she was talking to us about Citrus Bliss. She was saying that it could even help to calm active children. As she was saying this Joshua ran through the room screaming like a wild child. I was very skeptical and I asked her if it would even help with Joshua. We called him over and she rubbed the oil on his back. He was so still. He laid there for a long time and just let her rub his back. It was a miracle I tell you. We now have a new bedtime routine.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain Rain go away come again some other day

The rain let up for a couple of hours or more and the boys were thrilled with all the slugs and worms that were out. Joseph was so intruged by the lumps and bumps on the different worms. Joshua wanted his to race. He showed me one and it was no longer moving. I suggested it might be dead and then he said "Yeah. It's dead" Then 5 minutes later I hear him crying, "My worm is still dead. Come back worm." I guess we have to work on what it means to really die.
I love dirty boy hands. I really do. I love that they dig deep and play hard.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Splish Splash

Today a tornado? I don't have cable and I don't listen to the radio and I hardly talk on the phone. The only reason I heard anything was because some lady in the checkout stand at the grocery store was talking about it. Who knew us SoCal people could enjoy such fun? I absolutely love the rain and almost everything about it. The only down side is when the kids go stir crazy cause they want to go outside and play. As soon as the crazy down pour finally stopped. Jared and Joshua head out and splash in the puddles. They were walking all silly and telling me that's what you do in the rain. Joseph was later playing in the rain in his galoshes and couldn't understand why his feet were still getting wet. I guess when you splash that big water still gets to your toes and soaks your socks.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Change of plans.

We had plans to go to the park with some friends of ours on Monday. The kids were excited to play with friends and I was excited to enjoy the park with the kids and visit with friends. But when the sky opens up and it starts to rain plans changed. We ended up going to the church and letting the kids run lose. I am going to miss going to church with Erin, Angelina, and April so it was nice to visit.
I brought my camera then forgot to take pictures until we were cleaning up and ready to go so this is all I got. He had so much fun playing in the nursery with all the bigger kids though.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Man!

First off I just need to point out how hot this man is! WOW! that's all Im gonna say about that.
Second- He is amazing in so many wonderful ways. Now when you marry an amazing man like I have you can't help but be surprised when he gets called into the bishopric. But for some reason I thought I would have a few more years. Now I get to receive of the many blessings that will come from his willingness to serve. I am sure with that will come more patience and love for my children while I try to sit alone on the bench for the next several years. If you ever need someone to pray for on a Sunday afternoon and my name comes to mind I wouldn't mind the added support.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stake Conference

Tonight we had a special session of stake conference (church) for the adults. It was really good and I came away with a greater desire to really know my Father in Heaven. To want to speak with Him more often and get to feel as though he is sitting right next to me as I pray.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Jacob!

I love the drool hanging down his mouth!

We didn't really do much for his day. Just hung out together, played wii Just Dance, and enjoyed the typical bday celebrations-cake and presents. I was surprised that he never ate the cake. He licked at the frosting and chewed on the candle but he refused to bite into the cake. Ryan even tried to give him a bite and he was not interested at all. He did start rubbing it all over his legs to try and get it off of his hands so he was a real mess after. We all stood around him and just laughed and giggled. It was so much fun. The kids loved it as much as he did. He loves to make them happy so when ever they laugh at him he will do it over and over again just to get the good laugh. I love this little guy!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joseph's creativity!

I was siting in the living room and Joseph came to me for help with his homework. I suggested he get a clip board so it would be easier to write. He told me his hand was tired so he tried propping up his work with these colored pencils. Smart idea.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That's my boy!

Jared received this award for getting a 4.0 on his report card. He works so hard every day and I am so proud of him! Love you kid!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chinese Checkers

Emma learned a new clapping game at school today and her and Sarah were singing and clapping all evening. The song is now stuck in my head too. She even got her dad to do it with her. I remember loving clapping games and coming home and trying to get my brother to play with me but I don't think I ever had such luck. I am so glad my girls have each other.

Monday, January 11, 2010


We went to Disney yesterday to celebrate Jacob's bday that will be on Friday. Every time we go Jared wants to/doesn't want to ride this ride. The past few times the line was to long. Well today he finally got up the nerve. Surprisingly enough Sarah wanted to go also. After wards he let me know that he was very disappointed. I guess it looks scarier then it really is. They are on the center left two seats.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


We go to church at 9 right now and I am loving it. We get home and have lunch, take naps, and simply relax. It is the one day were there is nothing to do and I love it! This picture seems to capture it all for me. A book in hand, a book at his feet, and a book at his side. Relaxation at its finest.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Elle

My sweet SIL Allie is due to have her little girl the end of the month. Today her friend and sister threw her a baby shower. Everything present she got was awesome! You can't always say that. It was so good to sit and chat and just enjoy each other.
I love these women whom I get to share so much with! I am so blessed!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I know it is picture of the day but I had to post two. I woke up in the morning realizing that we have not been to Disney in awhile due to holidays. So the two little J's and I headed off for a day of adventure.
Joseph got to go to work with Ryan for a couple hours before school started which he was thrilled about.
It was such a pleasure to get to focus on these cute little guys. Joshua was so talkative and told me all kinds of funny stories. He would tell me about the people around us- what ride they were going to ride next to family dynamics. He told me his favorite part of the day was the parking lot. Who knew?
I think the best part was taking it slow. It was so relaxing for me. I noticed mom's with just two kids and how stressed out they felt. I guess it takes having 6 kids to feel so relaxed with only two?
I can't believe how big my little Jacob is getting. Loves!

Joshua loved playing in the water. When we walked away he seemed unhappy about the fact that he was wet. He informed me that "I don't mind being a little wet"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taxi Mom

Today was our crazy day. As soon as the kids got home it was rush rush. Joseph had music class at 4 and Emma had b-ball practice the same time. Sarah had a game at 5 (she scored a basket and they won) Jared had practice at 5:30. Now I exhale. Amazingly I made dinner and ran 3 miles. Now I'm going to go hang with my man!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today was a big day for this little man. He got his first tooth about a month ago. But for a few months now his top left tooth has been bulging, I am not overstating this. I am not sure why it has taken this one little painful tooth so long to break through but today it finally did it. Maybe he will start sleeping better. Maybe we all will start sleeping better.

I also choose this picture because tonight he gave us a very real scare. I spent two hours making dinner tonight to have it fail. S0 by 6:45 we decided it was time for taco Tuesday at Rubios. I gave the baby a taco all broken up and the lime that comes with it. He sucked on the lime for sometime and then let out a blood curdling scream. He just kept crying over and over as he hit his chest. I was so worried that he was having an allergic reaction to the lime. His chest turn red as did the area around his neck. He did finally calm down and we really don't know what caused his pain. I won't be giving this little guys limes any time soon that is about all I figured out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cookies and milk

One thing I felt I missed out on by homeschooling was the after school snack. I always wanted to be that mom who baked cookies for the kids. I want them to be excited to walk in the door, give me a love, then enjoy a moment of cookies and milk while they tell me everything that happened that day. Since school was to far to walk I was picking them up and the after school snack just wasn't the same. Now that my MIL has put her daughter in school we carpool. She brings them home every day. I now have the time to bake a couple cookies or slice some apples. It's a little thing but it brings me joy!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cooking with style

My SIL Hope bought me this cook book for Christmas. So thoughtful. It is a vegan cook book but it is meant to teach you how to use substitutions in any recipe. Tonight I made this yummy no chicken- chicken scallopini shitake mushroom udon noodle thing. (I can't remember the name it was really long) It was so good. In fact right now I am wishing there is leftovers. Jared asked me if it was some special organic chicken I could eat. It even fooled him. It was really good! Sometimes I hate my food allergies but if I didn't have them I would never have discovered all the yumminess that really is out there.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's your day to shine!

From the moment I woke up this morning the day was all about EmmaLee. My little girl made the choice to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Ryan had a great talk with her today. They talked about how her choice is following the example of our Savior. So many people came to support her and she there love for her. It was just perfect!

She seemed so happy. She told me how she felt just like a princess and that is just what I wanted for my sweet girl. In her confirmation prayer the one thing that stuck out to me more then anything was that she brings and will continue to bring happiness to those she meets and loves. She is our sunshine on earth. She helps the flowers to grow and adds a little warmth to everything she touches. Boy I love you Emma Lou!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1- Jan 1, 2010

I was doing something in the kitchen and set Jacob on the counter right next to me. Joshua got a cute look on his face and asked if he too could sit on the counter . Normally I would say no but with Jacob already there I simply had to say yes. He was seemed pleased with himself. Then Joseph came along and asked if he too could sit on the counter like Jacob. These "three little J's" really let there personalities come out in this picture. Joseph loves to share his world with me. Joshua is forever being silly and Jacob just loves his older brothers and looks to them for entertainment.