Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look at those eyes. I love this kid.

This kid is such a character. He has said the funniest things lately. Tonight I made a pizza for Ryan and Jared cause they had to leave to a bball game before dinner was ready. Josh of course wanted some.
He said to Ryan "I'm gonna throw up if you don't get me some of that."
Ryan, "Ok go get a bowl then."
Josh,"For what?"
Ryan, "To throw up in"
Josh, "I'm not gonna throw up silly"

Yesterday I told Josh I want to take a nap. Here is our conversation
Me- I need a nap
Josh- Well go take one then. I'll watch the baby
Me, I just laughed
Josh- No serious I'm old enough
Me- I don't think so bud
Josh- (he starts to cry) But really mom I can

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  1. What a great kid! I think I would be tempted to take him up on it. :)