Friday, January 8, 2010


I know it is picture of the day but I had to post two. I woke up in the morning realizing that we have not been to Disney in awhile due to holidays. So the two little J's and I headed off for a day of adventure.
Joseph got to go to work with Ryan for a couple hours before school started which he was thrilled about.
It was such a pleasure to get to focus on these cute little guys. Joshua was so talkative and told me all kinds of funny stories. He would tell me about the people around us- what ride they were going to ride next to family dynamics. He told me his favorite part of the day was the parking lot. Who knew?
I think the best part was taking it slow. It was so relaxing for me. I noticed mom's with just two kids and how stressed out they felt. I guess it takes having 6 kids to feel so relaxed with only two?
I can't believe how big my little Jacob is getting. Loves!

Joshua loved playing in the water. When we walked away he seemed unhappy about the fact that he was wet. He informed me that "I don't mind being a little wet"

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