Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why a picture of me?

Because today I felt a little bit like super mom. I did it! Church and mostly the whole day husband-less. I got them all ready with time to prepare my talk that I waited till last minute to prepare. It was only 5 minutes and that is so short. If I would have prepared more I would have been bummed I didn't get to share it all. For about 15 minutes I was stressed and wondered how in the world I was going to be able to handle it but amazingly- I did it. As soon as I typed that I realized that I really didn't do anything. When I began to feel so overwhelmed by a active 3 year old who had a very real want to sit with his dad on the stand and a baby who thought he needed to crawl on the ground or be any where but in my arms I said a very short but deep prayer. I asked my Father to help me know what to do. Then I asked Him to help my children that they would be calmed so that I may go up on the stand and not have to worry about them. It was almost immediately. I don't remember what I said to Joshua that helped him calm down, but he did. I handed Jacob to Jared and he sat still. It was my little miracle.
I am a strong believer that miracles happen daily and often we fail to see or recognize them as such. But today I was blessed to be super mom. The kids sat really well for most of the meeting. We then had a pot luck after church. Ryan had to help set up and organize things and I managed the kids just fine. Since Ryan had to stay to help clean up the kids and I walked home. (I love that we live that close) We enjoyed a nice mellow evening until Ryan got home. It was such a good day. I am surprised and humbled by the success.
I write all this down not to boost but to help myself remember that when I trust in the Lord things can be made light. Some days are hard and it helps to remember these good days.

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