Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy 32nd birthday.

I can safely say this has been my best birthday yet. Yesterday Ryan surprised me and said he was taking off work so that we could all go to Disneyland today. I was awoken to gifts from each of my children. Ryan had taken them shopping and gave them each a budget. He let them pick whatever they thought I might like. Jared got me a new red phone cover, Sarah a beautiful picture frame, EmmaLee cute pink earrings and pink lipstick, Joseph a water cooler for the fridge, Joshua a new watch, Ryan a new perfect bag for when I go to the temple and my mom gave me a divine book with photographs depicting the Saviors life. I loved the thoughtfulness that went into each gift!

Off we went ot disneyland. I am such a planner and it was kinda nice to just take off and not worry about snacks or drinks or anything. (including diaper and wipes. BTW did you know you can buy diapers for a dollar a piece at the baby care center) The weather was perfect, the lines were all short. It was truly great!
Here Emma and I are on the Toy Story ride. We got on really fast then got to re-ride because Jared's controller was broken. Shortly after we got on the ride the second time it stopped for probably 10 minutes. We got to shoot away and laughed a bunch. It was the best!

We left Disney around 6 and enjoyed dinner outside the park. Nice and mellow and just all around great day with my favorite people!

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