Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our new family member

Miss Betty. Ryan and i have been talking about getting a dog for a few months now. I have been researching trying to find the best hypo-allergenic, best for kids, easy to train, smart dog breed. I had narrowed it down to a few types. The problems was that most of them were really ugly dogs. I won't say which in case someone out there has one. But not one that I could love. Jared and I went on a date to the mall and had a look at the puppies there. He kept telling me he liked the mini schnauzers best but I had my eye on a different type at the time. Then I talked with my friend Bliss, who owns a mini schnauzer. She had such wonderful things to say about the breed that I wanted to check more into them. They met all of my requirements and are so dang cute.

That night Ryan and I went on a date to dinner then the pet supply store. We bought a book on mini schnauzers to see if this is what we really wanted. We then decided to go look at the dogs at the mall. They had a 6 month old and a 10 week old. First we sat with the 6 month old. Cute dog, very likable. But then they brought us the 10 week old. She was so sweet and docile and she just sat in Ryan's lap. He fell in love with her.

We talked over if we wanted to buy a mini and he let me know, "This is our dog. We are taking her home." I was not so sure we should jump into this but I have been wanting a puppy for much longer then him and if he was on board I knew I had to take him up on it.

We decided to wait until the morning to bring her home so that we could get our house ready for her. When the kids woke up this morning we surprised them and they were all so excited and could not believe dad had finally decided to get a dog.

She is so tiny and the cutest little thing! Before going to bed last night we talked about names. I thought her name should be sophisticated because she looks so regal and when Ryan suggested Betty we both knew that was it. Some how she has become Mrs. Betty and we all adore her.

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