Saturday, March 27, 2010

Car show on the beach

Again a wonderful family day. I was pretty excited at the prospect of running a 16 miler along this beach. It is mostly flat and very pretty. But on my Wednesday run I did something to my knee and by Tuesday I was not able to run more then a mile. So I decided to try to give it time to heal and I did the elliptical for 3 hours in the gym at the hotel. Run took the kids out for breakfast and saw a few of the cars. By the time I got back and showered they had many more cars so we took a family stroll to check it out.
Ryan loves the idea of a restored vw bus. He has talked about it since we first met so it is always fun to see them all decked out! After this we enjoyed a nice lunch on the beach then headed home. Once we got home we saw How To Train a Dragon. I didn't really want to see it but I was pleasantly surprised. It was super cute and Jacob lasted longer then he normally does.

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