Thursday, March 11, 2010

How wonderful are these people?

I am sad the quality of this picture is not better but I love it anyway. This is my wonderful mom and her wonderful brother. We never got to be around them much growing up but I always loved to visit with My Uncle Bruce and Aunt Carol. They are such positive people and you can't help but smile when in their presence.

My cousins wedding ceremony was absolutely amazing. While in the temple I felt the presence of my great grandmother Mary Elizabeth. I don't know enough about her but I have always felt like I would like her. That in some way She would understand. Maybe our lives were similar. I am not sure. I plan to research her and find out more. I know she had 10 children and so she must have understood what a full house feels like.

We also went to the museum and we did find several pictures. They will be sent to us via disc and I can't wait to print them and then learn more about the beautiful people that make up my family tree.

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