Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bleberries again?

This one needs a little more explanation. The kids made Ryan a smoothie for fathers day. They were so cute. They made breakfast all by themselves and brought it up to him. It was so cute. They gave him so much food he couldn't have possibly eaten it all. He put it on my desk then got into the shower.

I went down stairs to help the kids get started on the day. The baby quietly snicked away. I quickly noticed and went on the search for him. (we do have a baby gate that keeps him downstairs but a gate only works when shut properly) What I found was a baby covered(and the carpet covered) in blueberry smoothie. This was one of those not proud mom moments where I did not keep my cool.

I did not yell and scream but I felt so mad and frustrated. I think I might have yelled at the kids for letting him get by the gate. But there was no excuse. We were able to get the stain out amazingly and my anger didn't help anything. Good lesson for me but I felt bad that Ryan was late to his meetings on fathers day because he was helping me clean up the carpets.

I told him he gets a fathers day do over. I love him so much and he works so hard for us. I just want him to feel how much we really do love and appreciate him.

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