Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy 4th Birtday Kid!!!

I absolutly love that I caught this face on camera!! He was so thrilled that we were all singing to him and celebrating him.

I have been reading the book 5 love languages for kids and have discovered that this little guys is gifts. With that in mind I asked him how many gifts he wanted fo his birthday and he said in a very mnatter of fact voice, "10." Ok 10 it is. He really wanted a big party with all his friends so that he could get lots of presents but with the move I decided to only invite one family over. A few relatives came last minute as well and he loved it.

As he opened his 10 gifts he really felt so loved and excited. It was great to watch! We really talked it up all week and even made him stay out of my room while we built one of his legod sets and wrapped the other 9 presents. With the other kids I would just put the presents in bags but with gifts being so important I wrapped each one separate. It was a great day.

I love you Joshua. You add joy and laughter and creativity to our home. Thanks for being you!

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