Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm not a girlie girl

In fact it took me several years as a mom before I finally started to carry a purse. I often don't wear make-up and I don't buy a lot of shoes. With that said I do admire cute pursues and shoes and clothes - I guess I just feel to busy to put time into buying them. SO maybe I am a girlie girl deep down inside because buying this super cute purse made me feel... well... super cute!

Sarah and I drove up to St. George today for the big Power of Moms retreat in the morning. On our way to pick up my sister we shopped at the outlet mall. I love shopping with Sarah. She has the cutest style and she helps me think outside of my norm. I also bought the cutest white pair of pants a few shirts and really great sun glasses. Oh I can't wait for tomorrow.

We also enjoyed some really great conversations. Amazing how much faster that drive seems when kids are not screaming.

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