Monday, October 18, 2010

My hero

I still have boxes in my garage. I think it is less then ten now so that is exciting for me. I opened most of them in the garage and then brought in what I needed to . But this one box I knew it all belonged with my craft so I brought it in and put it on the table right next to where the kids were doing homework.

Bad idea number 1. 2 mice run out of the box and I learn Sarah is a screamer. All the kids jump into action. Some to run and hide others to get the mice. We lift and move furniture, move the fridge, stand as barricades. Then one runs over my foot and I scream. I am not usually a scream, in fact this was the first time for me. But I screamed like a little girl.

Thanks to Jared he caught them both and threw them over our back fence. (we do not have a house behind ours)

Bad idea number 2. I open the box while it is still on the table only to have 2 more jump out. Jared got them quickly and again over the fence.

Bad idea number 3. I continue to go through the box while still on the table. I believe we found 2-3 more inside the box. It was a mommy and all her babies.

Joshua, Sarah, and I wanted nothing to do with them. Emma and Jared were heading up the witch hunt. Joseph was more of a watcher. The dog who is supposed to be a rodent killer was no help at all.

At one point I told Joseph if he could stop sucking his thumb I would let him get a pet. He wanted a rat or mouse. He said to me after this was all over. "I guess you won't let me get a mouse any more?" I asked him why he thought that. He then said "Cause you are afraid of them" I had to laugh at that. i guess no mice as pets for me.

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