Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh Joshua, how you entertain me.

Since I am still stuck to my bed like glue Ryan thoughtfully took the kids to the mall (so I could rest) to buy soap. A simple thing? Not with this family.
The first thing they do when they get there is run into a friend of ours who just found out her cancer has spread. He is trying to visit while Joseph is trying to tell him he doesn't feel well and wants to wait in the car. Moments later Ryan smells throw up and looks down to discover he has throw up all over him, and the ground, and covering Joseph as well.
He moves the kids next to a kiosk while trying to figure out how he is going to clean this up. Then comes even more throw up. But this time it is all over Joshua. He starts to scream and he is rather upset. Rightfully so.
Why does this entertain me? Two reasons.
1. I am on some serious happy pills to curb the pain
2. The way the two boys come home and tell their sides of the story.

Joshua tells me that when Jospeh threw up on him it made him go "Huwwwlllaaa" As he makes the most realistic dry heaving sound and facial expressions ever. I could not stop laughing.
As Joseph is telling me his side of the story he has a smile creeping up on his face getting bigger and more dimply the farther he gets into his story. Kinda funny to him that he threw up on his dad. Really funny to him that he threw up on his little brother and made him scream with horror. It hurt to laugh because of the stitches but I just couldn't stop.
I am so grateful for boys. They help me not take life to seriously.

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  1. totally catching up on blogs and read about 4 of your posts and thought "i don't have time to comment on all of these!" so i'm grateful for this one...making it SO easy to decide where to comment. i LOVE this post. haha. i can't imagine the chaos of taking 6 to the mall. i get stressed with 1!!! what an AWESOME story for all your boys to share. i'm sure that's teh last thing dad expected! i once took my sisters kids out to taco bell while she was in the hospital with one of them. we had to pull over 3 times in one block due to tragical events in the car. by the end, my well intentioned auntie date seemed like not such a great idea anymore cuz i was CRANKY! i hope ryan was able to laugh a little too. haha