Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school

Such a sad and peaceful day with out my little people all home. Sarah has been so nervous and I think that has rubbed off on Emma a little bit. Joseph has been calm and collective and so excited even. We walked to school with their friends and everything seemed to be going so well. When we got there Sarah took off with her friedn from church and she seemed so great. Then I walk Emma to where she needs to line up and it all becomes to real. She clings to me and is fighting back tears. I talk her instead to go met her teacher and that seems to help a ton.

I then go to take Joseph to line up (the bell has rung) Emma is now excited and leaves me to go get in her line. I decide to take a picture of Joseph and I try to pull away from him only to realize he is having a melt down. The very sad quiet kind of cry. His teacher comes and together we walk to his classroom. When we get there another little boy starts to seriously wail and cling to his mom. She can not seem to pry him off and it is becoming a scene. This is just what Joseph needed because he is so intrigued with this kids outrageous antics he forgets his own sorrow. To that little boys mom, "I am so sorry you had to go through that but I think you were an answer to prayers."

Now I sit quietly waiting for the time to go pick them up. Today was peaceful and sad all at the same time. Josh and I played legos, went to the mall, and enjoyed a nice quiet lunch at home. This is going to take some getting used to.

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