Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 3 San Fran

Today was a little mellow and it was nice to take things a little slower. We started off with a huge breakfast then headed to a civil war reenactment in Fort something I can't remember right now. It was at the base of the Golden Gate bridge and very fascinating but Very Very cold. We didn't last as long as we might have liked because of the cold.

Then we drove over the bridge to Sausilito which I am in love with and we be content to leave out my dieing days there. So beautiful and relaxing. We enjoy some more awesome food and walking along the cute streets.

We also drove down Lombard street. Which was fun since we watched Myth busters the night before where they tried to drive a truck down that street and got stuck.

We went back to Union Square and did a little more shopping and ate some dessert I had been craving since I saw it the day before. Then to the airport and on our way home. I love my home and my children. I missed them both so very much!

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