Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 2 San Fran

We fit so much into today I am surprised we didn't pass out sooner. We started out with breakfast then headed to the Golden Gate Park. The Natural History Museum ended up being one of my favorite things! (Even if I did fall asleep during the planetarium movie)

We then went down to Union Square and walked around some more. This was Jareds favorite part. Want to know why? The two story apple store and the Farrier store. His two favorite things right now. Technology and cars. Did I mention he is 12?

We continued our walking and ended up in China town. Also a highlight for me. I enjoyed looking at all the interesting culture. We ate at a most wonderful whole in the wall and I loved the experience. At this point Ryan's feet were killing him so he went and got the car while Jared and I finished up our shopping and souvenir buying. Then again we passed out! So tired

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