Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am grateful!


1my husband
2my children
3my parents
4my sister and brothers but mostly my sister
5all my in-laws
6my house
7my bed (I love the comfort and the look)
8my friends that make me smile
9a chance to be better today then yesterday
10my computer
11my camera
12healthy days
13a young body
14a young mind
15where we live
16the opportunity to grow
17lazy snuggle days
19a good book you can't put down
20a good cry
21an amazing lesson
23pictures that make me cry
24movies that make me want to be better
25a good laugh
26childrens laughter
27a clean house
28fresh smelling laundry
30the word becoming
32a new lens I don't know I am getting for christmas
33rainy days
35my car that takes me the millions of places children need to go
36my phone
37late night chats with Ryan
38family time in the living room when we don't accomplish anything but love
39teaching moments where my children teach me
40the ability to keep trying and eventually figuring it out
41knowledge gained and yet to be obtained
42I saved the best for last -My Savior

I was going to write 32 for the 32 years I have been alive but I was on a roll

My life is full of wonderful things!

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