Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 6th birthday Joseph aka JoJo

My little guy had a great day I think. His friend Kahlil got to spend the day with us (for the next 2 weeks also) I let the kids pick the food items they want on their birthday. Joseph has this cheerios book with recipes he picked out one time at the library so everything was cheerios based. Cheerio parfait for breakfast and cheerios, pudding, cake, chocolate candy, graham cracker thing for desert. He doesn't like cake or a lot of sugar for that matter so it made sense that he didn't want a cake. He was just waiting to bit into that yummy-ness. After a couple bites he let me know, "Mom, I don't think I like pudding." He wasn't upset, just letting me know.

He got a Woody doll, a bucket of army guys from the movie, lego army guys, a kite, a bow and arrow and computer from Grandma, $20 to target from his other grandma, and a fishing rod. He seemed pretty pleased. I think he was most happy about not having to sit in his car seat now that he is a big boy.

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