Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Warm weather + park days= happy tired children

We went to the park with my sweet friend Angelina and her little boy Sam. This picture is Jared trying to bury Jacob. Oh aren't boys so fun!
We had such a wonderful time and the kids had a great time to. I love the park with friends cause the kids are so entertained you can actually visit. Angelina and I had a lot to talk about. Her son was just diagnosed with Autism. My heart broke for her. She is so strong and so amazing that I feel so confident that he is in the very best of hands. More then anyone I know her son is the center of her world and she will do all she can to help him be amazing. I went home and hugged my kids and their wild ways and just felt blessed for my problems. Some times we need a wake up call of how blessed we truly are.

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