Monday, May 16, 2011

Cakes that have turned out and I actually am proud of.

I made this one for my birthday just a couple weeks ago. My first attempt at making a 3 dimensional character. This cake was so yummy too. I found the recipe here.
I did not use the chocolate ganache for my cake but I made this recipe the other night and I believe it was a big hit. I didn't taste it sense it was not vegan.

The blue butter cream is the smoothest I have ever done and it gives me hope that I am really getting better. Isn't this cake adorable?
This cake took me about 10 minutes to frost. I did not crumb coat it so that helped. This cake was an after thought and I love it! I think it would be so cute as a wedding cake.

This counts as a cake right? One of the yummiest summer treats around. Strawberry trifle.

I made this just for because. It was Christmas time and I just wanted to make it. Very elegant I think.

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