Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding cakes

I have only done 4 wedding cakes, ever. They still kind of stress me out. How did I ever get involved in making a wedding cake? My MIL told me she would pay for me to take a fondant class so I could make a wedding cake for Ryan's brother Tory. I think I was a little naive and that made the experience less stressful to some degree. I realized that I believed cake decorating was really something anyone could do if they tried. So I figured why not?

Side note: That fondant 2 hour class is the only class I have ever taken. I think if I can ever take more classes I won't have so many "learning" on the job mishaps.

Here is that cake. Pretty basic but I was/am so proud of myself.

This one was my first paying cake and the check bounced. She moved away right as they got married so I never did get paid for that, I guess it wasn't really a paying job after all. I worked really hard on that cake. It was bigger then I have ever even baked and I was so proud of it when it was all done.

This was for my SIL and I was excited to do something a little more fun. This was my creation and I enjoyed being creative license. Chocolate fondant tastes kind of like tootsie rolls.

Kinda bummed the only picture I have of this is with my phone. I loved the design and loved that I got to do a little more then plain fondant, not much but a little. Slowly I am getting more comfortable with decorating.

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