Monday, May 16, 2011

Not so amazing birtdhay cakes and super easy, anyone could make cakes.

This falls under the super easy category. I was making a bigger cake for Emma's bday this last year so for the family party she helped me throw this together last minute. I believe Emma made the paintbrush. It was made from fondant.

I believe this was right after Joseph was born and putting figures on a cake was all I could do that year. Sarah thought it was great.

Joseph wanted this simple cake for his bday party with his friends. I had made him a more complicated cake for his family party. Easiest cake I ever made. I didn't have to frost the sides or anything. Yes please.

Wow. When I look at that cake I am reminded of what a tough year that was and especially that 2 weeks surrounding Jared's birthday. The week before was when Joshua had put a pencil through his skull just missing his eye and not into the brain cavity. We had only been home for a couple days after a week in the hospital when we celebrated Jared's 9th bday. I was so tired. Then the next day Josh had complications with the meds that caused him to stop breathing and again we were back in the hospital.
So I don't excuse the ugly cake. I embrace that Joshua is doing just great almost 4 years later.

Again I think this one was due to pregnancy. The funny part to me is that it looks like I was almost trying.

I wasn't feeling this one for some reason and I decided to let Emma finish decorating it.

I don't really have an excuse for this one. This year his cake is going to rock. He seems to always get the crappy cakes.

And we will end with a costco cake with a toy added to help with the theme of the party. We had just moved into our new house and this was all the energy I could muster.

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