Monday, May 16, 2011

More old school cakes

This girl loved her Dora

This cake makes me laugh. Jared wanted a Lord of the Rings/Star wars cake. I think that is supposed to be the hobbits home? He thought it was so awesome. That is why I like to do my children's bday cakes. They are easily pleased.

This was for Joseph's first birthday. It is supposed to be a bath tub.

Do I need to clarify?

Megaphone for a neighbor. It seems so plan and kinda boring.
For a cub scout meeting.

Joseph was really into cars so naturally he needed a car cake. I forgot I made this cake. It is super cute. I wonder if I still have the pan?
Pirate cake for Jared. I guess not all his cakes were bad.
Not wowed by this cake but soemtimes good enough really is good enough.
Super easy campfire cake. This is another anyone could do cakes.

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